Boosted Boards’ New Electric Longboards Have Swappable Batteries For Unlimited Range


For the last couple of years, Boosted has put out some of the best electric skateboards out there. Technology moves fast, though, and, as good as their lineup is, they’re definitely due for an upgrade. And we’re loving what we’ve seen so far of the second-generation Boosted Boards.

Aesthetically, the boards look the same, retaining the original’s cruising-friendly longboard profile, bright orange wheels, and bamboo deck. That’s to say, they put the upgrades where it matters, turning out a motorized longboard that accelerates faster, rides longer, and stands up better to the hazards of the road.


Boosted Boards now offer an extended range for their skateboards, stretching the standard 7-mile riding distance of the original to a maximum of 14 miles. Even better, the batteries are now swappable, so you can simply pop in a fresh pack when the current battery gets drained. Granted, swapping takes a couple of minutes, so it’s not quite and in-and-out kind of thing, but that’s still better than being stuck having to push your longboard the rest of the way back home. All electronics are also enclosed in water-resistant cases, so you can ride over puddles during wet conditions without any worries.


Features include larger wheels, three times higher torque for better uphill performance, regenerative braking, and an upgraded Bluetooth radio for better reliability on the road. It comes in three flavors: Single, Dual, and Dual+, each one getting max speeds of 18 mph, 20 mph, and 22 mph, respectively.

Slated to ship in July, pricing for the new Boosted Boards start at $999.

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