Bootlegger Modular Bag Is Like Having 3 Backpacks In 1

At first, the idea of a modular backpack sounds a little too much design.  I mean, it’s not like shoulder straps raise the price of pack in exorbitant ways.  The Bootlegger Modular Pack System, however, offers a good argument for a modular pack: it lets you adjust the suspension in ways other backpacks probably can’t.

The heart of the Bootlegger Modular Pack System is the Triple-Tramp Suspension, which consists of a comfy backing for the bag and all the straps you need to keep it stable on your body.  While any decent backpack will come with adjustable straps, this one comes with an adjustable suspension, too, allowing you to arrange the fit for comfort in a way conventional backpacks simply can’t.

The Bootlegger Modular System currently has three swappable packs: Torpedo, Scrimshaw and Hopper, each one with different sizes, designs and features.  The Torpedo is the smallest of the trio, with 793 cubic inches of container space.  Designed for bike rides and daily packing, it features a hydration port, a bike light loop and a small pocket sized to hold keys.  The Scrimshaw is the largest, with a volume of 1,830 cubic inches, triple ripstop material, and water-right construction, making it ideal for wilderness trips and heavy duty packing.  Those looking for a middle ground can rock the Hopper, a daybag with 1,709 cubic inches of space and 210D ripstop nylon construction.

Want it?  The Bootlegger Modular Pack System costs $190 for the suspension and all three packs, so it’s just like getting three regular backpacks, but with the benefit of a more adjustable suspension.  If you want a set, you can still reserve one on Kickstarter.

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