Boox: A Display Frame For Your Favorite Books

Those shirts you’ve outgrown but can’t bear to throw away now hang on T-Frames up on your wall.  Now, if only you can find a way to do the same to those half-dozen books you’ve hung on to all these years because they changed your life in such meaningful ways.  Well, turns out that’s what the Boox is for.

An acrylic glass frame, it’s sized and shaped to hold magazines and books, allowing you to show them off mounted up walls or set down on display shelves.  Even better, they’re meant to hold the printed items opened wide, so you can display both the front and back covers (think gorgeous coffeetable covers) or have it turned to a particularly memorable spread (yes, it will make a great showcase for that beloved Playboy Centerfold of your youth).

Boox comes in three sizes: small (434 x 285 x 76 mm), medium (542 x 364 x 76 mm) and large (728 x 546 x 76 mm), so you can get the right-sized frame whether you’re planning to encase that paperback novel you’ve read 100 times, that graphic novel with the best art spread ever, or that large coffee table book that somehow manages to make you smile every time you look at it.  Aside from merely housing your open-faced books and magazines, the frame will make them look like they’re floating inside the case using a clever system of foam rubber balls that cause the pages to press flush against the front of the frame.  It comes with a set of mounting hardware for easily affixing to your walls.

The Boox Frames are available now, with prices starting at €59.50.

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