Bordbar Turns Airplane Trolleys Into Stylish Storage

Ever wondered what happens to airplane service trolleys when they’re decommissioned?  Well, some of them goes to Bordbar, who turns the discarded food and supplies cart into stylish storage solutions.

All items retain their original trolley structure, getting a few fix-ups from the wear and tear they’ve likely accumulated from the service industry.   The biggest difference are the redecorated bodies, which give the trolleys new, hip designs that’s bound to fit into most modern homes and offices.

Brodbar has three options for trolleys: Flight Edition, which uses service trolleys that once roamed the aisles off various airline planes; Waste Edition, which uses trolleys used as trash bins during flights; and Silver Edition, a new offering that lets you get carts fresh off the factory, made to the specifications of the aviation industry.  All used trolleys  are cleaned and fixed before being tested for operational reliability.  Only when they’re certified functional are they coated with the new designs for pushing out to customers.

Both the Silver and Flight editions have drawer runners inside the cart (14 and 13, respectively), all of which you can customize with shelves and other accessories during ordering.  The Waste Edition has no runners, but can be equipped with an aluminum container or a holding fixture.  All three get lockable swivel casters and a full-sized door on one side with a matte stainless steel lock, accessible by a lever mechanism.   Individual features include a partial top hatch (Waste Edition), sheer aluminum doors (Silver Edition) and engraved serial numbers (Silver Edition).  All used trolleys will likely have dings and scratches from previous use.

A whole slew of trolley designs and customizations are available from the Brodbar website.  Pricing starts at €898.

[Bordbar via BornRich]