Bosch IXO Vino Power Screwdriver Doubles As A Corkscrew Too

Planning to buy an electric screwdriver for your home DIY toolkit?  If you like to mix a good bottle of wine along with your regular handyman duties, the Bosch IXO Vino should make for a fine choice.

Like other cordless power screwdrivers, this powertool should make tightening and loosening screws a cinch.   Just pull the trigger on the ergonomic soft-grip handle and you’re done.  Unlike other similar tools, however, this one comes with a clever corkscrew attachment that you can use to open those bottles of red wine Christmas guests will hopefully be bringing over (cheap bastards better bring something).

The Bosch IXO Vino is a small, single-handed powertool that tips the scales at a lightweight 300 grams.  A regular workhorse, it can handle all screwdriving jobs around the house, regardless of types and sizes of screws, and the materials you’re slipping them on.  All features of the standard IXO are on board, including a magnetic bit holder, an onboard rechargeable battery, a work light (for screwing in the dark…you know what I mean), LED indicators and a spindle lock for manual turning.

For opening wine bottles, it works just as simply — put the corkscrew adapter in, hold the wine on the table and use the tool to get that cylindrical piece of corkboard out.  Sure, that’s not as impressive as showing off your masterful wine-opening abilities, but it’s definitely faster and requires less work.

Packaged in a special wine-style wooden packaging box, the Bosch IXO Vino is available from Amazon UK, priced at £39.99.