Bosch Power Box 360 Armageddon Proofs Your Music

The end of days are coming. You can deny it all you want, but all them earthquakes and storms and global warming gives me the willies. Heck, all those robots are starting to get much smarter too, so it’s not hard to imagine the apocalypse being just a short future away. For that reason, you should really consider armageddon-proofing everything you buy.

Secure your post-apocalypse soundtrack with the Bosch Power Box 360, an ultra-rugged boombox designed to survive the wasteland you’re waking up to tomorrow. And in case my Nostradamus powers are wrong about the impending end of civilization as we know it, you can at least use it for job sites and camping areas too.

It’s got everything you’d want from a portable boombox: 360-degree speakers for bellowing tunes all over the place, SD card slot (for plugging all those MP3 and WMA files in), an illuminated LCD screen, complete playback buttons, external auxiliary ports and a remote control (so you can skip through that Ke$ha song while wrestling bears in the woods – yeah, I’m sick of it too). Extra features include a powered USB port (so you can charge your cellphones and PMPs) and a built-in battery bay that can both replenish your tool batteries or power the box itself.

For surviving the ravages of the wasteland you’ll call home, it’s encased in a rugged aluminum and rubber roll case that should keep it intact even after being attacked by a gang of mutant nomad bikers. Don’t worry about your iPod too (we heard those things will be valuable once civilization crumbles), as it comes with a weatherproof media bay built in.

Pricing for the Bosch Power Box 360 is being pegged at under $250. I suggest getting your hands on one before things really start getting bad.

[Bosch via Uncrate]