Bosch Wireless Charging System Brings Induction Technology To Power Tools

Induction charging has made topping up your gadgets just a little more convenient than traditional means.  Bosch is hoping the same convenience will translate when it comes to power tools, as well, rolling out the new Bosch Wireless Charging System.

A market first, the system consists of a special battery module that’s compatible with all of the company’s existing 18-volt cordless tools and an induction charging station.  Just use it in place of traditional batteries and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, whether you’re doing repairs at home, building stuff in the workshop, or toiling at a job site.

The Bosch Wireless Charging System uses a new battery design called CoolPack, which uses a special housing material that prevents the cells from overheating, an innovation that they claim will stretch its lifetime to two times longer than conventional batteries.  The charging station, on the other hand, comes sporting a flexible, universal mounting frame that allows for a variety of ergonomic positions, with a built-in foreign object detection feature that ensures it won’t switch on unless compatible Bosch batteries are on top (no chance of electrical accidents).

Using it is no different than existing induction chargers: simply set down the tool on the charging station at the workbench to inject it with a fresh batch of juice, with no need to remove the batteries or mess around with wires.  Both the batteries and the tools have no open electrical contact points, so they’re completely immune to the ravages of water, dirt, and dust.

Available now, the Bosch Wireless Charging System Starter Kit retails for $159.

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