Bose Sleepbuds: These Ear Buds Want To Help You Sleep Better


Like ear plugs, the Bose Sleepbuds allows you to tune out ambient sound, so you can catch peaceful sleep regardless of how much noise rings out in your surroundings. Unlike them, the darn thing will actively help you sleep by playing soothing sounds designed to help you get a good night’s rest.

Designed to drown out the sound of snoring partners, noisy neighbors, and loud engines that occasionally pass by, the wearable sends a constant wave of soothing sounds your way, allowing you to sleep without being distracted by ambient noises. Whether you’re at home, in a crowded hotel, or inside your tent at camp, this thing seeks to help you get to sleep sooner while also improving its quality.


The Bose Sleepbuds are, basically, a pair of wireless ear buds that you pop in each ear. These are the truly wireless kind, so there’s nothing dangling behind your neck that can get in the way while you’re rolling around in bed, while three sizes of swappable ear tips that, the outfit claims, are both comfortable and secure enough to stay on, regardless of how much you move during sleep. The ear tips, by the way, are designed to passively isolate noise, so fewer ambient sounds are able to make it through by simply popping them in, so you can significantly reduce noises even without playing the sleep-assisting sounds.

Why can’t you just pop in your own ear buds and play soothing sounds from your phone? Unlike such setups that will rely on your Bluetooth connection cooperating the entire time, the device comes with a built-in flash drive, so all sounds that it’s going to play are already loaded. That means, you won’t be streaming sounds over Bluetooth, so you won’t be draining your phone’s battery, while ensuring playback is continuous all night long.


According to Bose, the Sleepbuds will come with two categories of sounds: one for drowning out noises and another for relaxation. You can choose tracks from the former when your surroundings are somewhat noisy right during bed time, while the latter is an option for those times you just want something relaxing to help you relax and send you off to slumber. Do note, this is designed strictly as a sleep aid device, so you can’t use it as a regular pair of ear buds nor can you load your own music on the flash drive.


It comes with an app (iOS and Android) that allows you to control the various settings on the ear buds, including the audio you want to play, the volume level, and how long you want it to keep playing through the night. You can also set alarms right on the app, since the ear buds might tune out the ringing of the alarm clock you have sitting on the bed stand.

As of now, the Bose Sleepbuds is in the prototype stage, with units available for customers interested in testing the device. You can grab yourself a unit for $175.

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