Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer Auto-Tunes Your Voice, Adds Harmonies, Layers, Effects

No singing talent? No problem. Auto-tune the snot out of every karaoke number you do with the Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer, a dual-pedal stomp box designed for vocalists.

More than fixing your pitch in real time, the box lets you add layers of effects too. From adding harmonies to distortion to reverb, it comes with a host of voice-altering features that lets you use your croaky throat as an instrument in a whole new level.

The Boss VE-20 features solid metal construction, allowing you to abuse it the same way guitarists go crazy on their pedals. Light and portable, you can set it up onstage in a jiffy too. Using the two pedals and the two-line screen, you can tweak your voice to sound like a totally different beast: it’s got specialized vocal effects (double-track, delay, dynamics and more), three-part layers and harmonies, crazy effects and a phrase looper.

How much better a vocalist can it make you sound? We’re not sure. Given that even shitty guitarists can manage halfway-decent riffs with a good effects box, we’re guessing this should raise your performance up a notch. Even if you’re William Hung. Okay, maybe not.

Designed with novice karaoke superstars in mind, the Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer requires no programming to operate. Simply plug the mic in, take your spot and go nuts. It’s available now for $249.

[Boss US]