Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovel Saves You From Injury, Fixes Your Posture

Being a treasure hunter ain’t easy.  You travel to far places, hike long arduous paths, and dig in the dirt for hours only to find out you didn’t follow the map correctly. While your Super Penetration Shovel does speed up some of the digging work, all that shoveling often leaves you entire body aching.  Maybe you’d want to trade it in for an ergonomic shovel from Bosse Tools.

Using regular shovels force you to pronate your wrist, essentially twisting your forearm every time you stick your shovel in the dirt.  Plus, the digging motion causes a bend on your back and your shoulder that, if you aren’t careful, are going to affect your posture down the line.

Bosse Tools recreates the shovel by injecting it with a more ergonomic design.  Instead of just a straight length of steel or wood for a handle, it comes sporting a circular implement in the middle with a rotating handle for gripping with one hand.  Able to turn a full 360 degrees, you can grip it at the most comfortable angle, minimizing the potential for injury and posture problems later on. Treasure hunters deserve better, after all.

Their current product line consists of three items: a flat head shovel, a spade shovel, and a snow shovel, all featuring the unique ergonomic handle.  Down the line, they intend to expand this into other tools (pitchforks, rakes, etc.) that can benefit from integrating the same ergonomic design.

Bosse Tools is currently running a campaign for a production run on Kickstarter.  Pledges to reserve one of the units start at $79, with $219 getting you the whole set of three.

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