Bote Inflatable Aero Couch Turns Any Camp Site Into A Comfy Lounge

Camping chairs are among the best accessories you can bring along when camping, as they give you a place to rest your legs comfortably while slumming it in backcountry dirt. Problem is, they only sit one, so you have to bring a few (or bring a much larger camp chair) to accommodate a bigger group. The Bote Inflatable Aero Couch offers a roomier alternative.

A part of the outfit’s Aero Lounge line, the piece gives you a spacious couch you can inflate at the camp site, allowing two people to sit comfortably side by side (and three people uncomfortably, if needed). Whether you want to set up a lounging area on the camp grounds, the beach, or even the local park, this thing let you enjoy comfy seating furniture in a pinch.

The Bote Inflatable Aero Couch is an inflatable sofa that measures 56 x 31 x 29 inches (width x depth x height), with roomy seating sized to fit two people. And it’s meant to sit them comfortably, leaving extra room on the seats, so you have surface space to set down snacks, playing cards, and even a bag if you don’t want to set down your rucksack on the ground. Actually, the extra room is wide enough to accommodate an extra person, so you can squeeze a third adult in, albeit with no wiggle room left for any of the occupants. It should support even heftier occupants, too, as the couch is rated to handle weights of up to 500 pounds.

Inflating the couch should be easy, requiring you to just remove it from the bag, unroll it, locate the inflation valve, and use your pump to blow it up. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a pump, so you’ll either have to use one you already have or get a new one. To pack up, just open the valve, let the air out, and stuff it back into the bag. When collapsed, the whole thing fits into a bag measuring 32 x 13 x 8 inches, which comes with a handle on top for easily carrying on its own. The whole thing weighs just 17 pounds.

The Bote Inflatable Aero Couch has a shell made from military-grade PVC, ensuring it can withstand all the rugged handling it’s bound to experience, whether in the mountains, beaches, or the desert heat, all while using the Aerotech inflation system that’s been proven and tested in the outfit’s numerous inflatable products. It comes with arm rests on either side, so both occupants can sit in comfort, with a 15-inch tall back rest, so you can lean back and relax. On each side of the couch you get a handy cupholder for your drinks and MOLLE loops for attaching gear.

As we said earlier, this is a part of the outfit’s Aero Lounge line, so it’s best used paired with other pieces in the same collection. Specifically, you’d probably want to consider adding the Aero Table Classic, which adds a coffee table-style piece to the set, as well as the Aero Chair XL or the AeroRondak Chair to add a single-person arm chair to the mix.

The Bote Inflatable Aero Couch is available now.

BOTE Aero Seating Suite Inflatable Couch Chair...
  • Inflated Dimensions: 29″H × 56″W × 31″D