Bottle Cap Punch May Help You Break The Ice Also

Want a more creative way to drink your bottle of soda?  Hammer a nail into the cap to punch a hole and stick a straw into it.  Why?  I don’t know, but it will supposedly “impress your friends and flummox magicians.”  If your heavy hands end up breaking the bottle when you swing the hammer, you can substitute with the Bottle Cap Punch, which safely burrows a perfectly round hole into the cap for your endless fascination.

Granted, this is both unnecessary and pointless.   A plastic straw through the cap makes drinking soda no more convenient or satisfying than popping the cap off and sticking the same straw in.  However, it does add an unusual-looking effect to drinking a bottle of soda, which, at the least, can offer up a decent point for conversation.

The Bottle Cap Punch is a tube with a spring mechanism and some type of sharp object inside.  One end is for ramming with your palm, while the other is designed to slip right around any bottle’s cap.  Rest one end on the cap, push the other with your hand and you’ve got a nice little hole on the bottle cover, sized to fit a regular straw.

Since it can cut through both plastic and metal, you can probably use the punching action to pierce through other small, protruding stuff too, like…uhm…I don’t know.   Did we mention it could be an ice breaker too. It’s available for $21 a pop.

[ePaulet via Gadget Lab]