Bounce Below Lets You Play On Giant Trampolines Inside An Abandoned Cave

Exploring caves?  Lots of fun.  Bouncing on trampolines?  Even more fun.  While we don’t know if combining them doubles the fun, that’s exactly what they did with Bounce Below, the newest attraction at UK’s Zip World Titan theme park.

Described as “the first subterranean playground of its kind,” it consists of a series of giant trampolines that stretch across the expanse of an underground cave.  Like regular trampolines, you can bounce around over and over until you’re dizzy.  Except you do it in a large chamber nestled 100 feet below the surface of the Earth, so all your bouncing play should come with a more exotic ambiance.

Built inside the old Blaenau Ffestiniog slate mine in Northern Wales, Bounce Below is available for patrons to visit all year round.  The 200 x 60 foot cave is covered wall to wall by three trampolines (they’re actually nets that deliver a trampoline-like spring) that run up at different heights, each one connected by 60-foot slides and a large spiraling staircase.  To add to the unique atmosphere, the entire place is surrounded by multi-colored LEDs that project colorful lights onto the walls.

Since the cave stretches up to 200 feet tall, there’s no problem with bouncing as high as you can, with the trampolines rated to springboard people up to heights of 80 feet.  Oh yeah, to reach the site, you will need to ride an old mining train, which sounds like a lot of fun all on its own.

Bounce Below just opened this week at the Zip World Titan theme park.  Entry fee is £15 per person.

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