Bowl Your Way To A Perfect Game With The Remote-Controlled RC900 Ball


Piss-poor bowling skills? Not a problem. Cheat your way into a 300 score with the RC900, a remote-controlled bowling ball that you can steer on the way to a perfect game.

Made by Texas-based 900 Global, it doesn’t look much different than other bowling equipment. In fact, you can fit your fingers in and throw it like any ordinary bowling ball, so you can compete fairly if you don’t feel like playing with an undue advantage. It’s a pretty light ball, though, at just 14 pounds.

The RC900’s main selling point, of course, is the fact that you can steer it once it leaves your hands. Inside the ball is a threaded shaft, with a weight screwed onto it. Using the handheld remote, you can control this weight to flank left or right, forcing the ball to change direction as it rolls down the lane.

Unfortunately, the remote is big enough to be difficult to conceal in hand. In fact, your best bet at keeping it covert is to put it in your pocket and hope to control the ball’s direction from there. It comes with a built-in battery that you can recharge for up to two hours of continuous play.

Creator 900 Global is aiming it at children and handicapped people, rather than professional cheaters who want to pretend their game is better than it actually is. They also sell a specialized ramp where you can roll the ball from, so you can literally bowl doing nothing. Sure, it leaves out any fun you can get from the game, but who cares about fun? I want to score perfect strikes every time, dammit!

Just like pro lessons, a perfect bowling game using the RC900 isn’t cheap. It’s available for $1,500.

[900 Global via Popular Mechanics]