Box Of Applause Lets You Congratulate Yourself For A Job Well Done


Feeling underappreciated at work? Get the Box of Applause, a small, classy-looking container that isn’t really hollowed-out enough to hold anything… except a round of cheers especially for you.

Decked out in pine wood and varnish, the box sports a hinged top lid that you can flip open to let out a chorus of pre-recorded claps and cheers. It measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches and should slot easily in any open space on your table. That way, you can enjoy the appreciation of admiring peers and supporters whenever you want it, even though they really don’t exist.

Finished a spreadsheet right before lunch? Open the box and congratulate yourself. Fixed a client’s problem before anyone can complain? Box of applause, please, for a job well done. Who says only those who make grand contributions deserve to experience the cheers of an adoring audience, anyway?

Congratulating yourself has never been so easy. Just close your eyes and open the box to feel like you’re in the middle of a stadium receiving an award or in front of a theater after a wondrous performance. Of course, the thing creates a loud ruckus so make sure your cubicle neighbors are fine with you receiving all the glory. Jealousy runs deep in many people, after all.

The Box Of Applause requires two AAA batteries to brighten up your day and currently sells for $25.

[SkyMall via CrunchGear]