Box Sofa And Box Lounger: Like Sitting In A Closet

Lounging in your favorite sofa is a nice way to relax.   Unless you live alone, though, there’s no way you can enjoy it in peace and quiet.  The Box Sofa and Box Lounger should help mute out some of the domestic disturbance.

Made by Loook Industries, the furniture pieces offer a creative privacy solution, shielding the back, sides and top to create a closed environment for you to chill in.  We do wish they went all the way and threw in a door out front, though — that way, you can really keep everyone out for total seclusion.

Both the Box Sofa and the Box Lounger are decked with sound-absorbing material on the inner walls, further dampening outside sounds for even more silence while you sit inside.  Because of their height, Loook suggests you can use the furnishings both as a seating area and a room divider.  Personally, I’ll probably face this up a wall, put in a standing tray and turn it into a home office — sure beats the closet I currently have my work area set up in.

Now, if only someone can build a king-sized bed with similar  box fittings, I’ll know what I’m saving up for during holidays this year.  No word on pricing for either the Box Sofa or the Box, which comes in different color styles, but they’re both supposed to be available now.  They are also currently on exhibit at the Lounger Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

[Loook via DesignHome]