Boxed Water Is Better…Or Not


PET bottles have long been an environmental bane, especially considering how many of those plastic containers end up across landfills on a daily basis.  The real solution, of course, is for everyone to carry their own water containers and allow them access to refilling vending machines.  Since that doesn’t seem like a solution anyone wants to consider anytime soon, we’ll have to settle for boxed water instead.

Boxed Water Is Better is a new company borne out of the desire to find an alternative to shipping water in standard PET bottles. Since PET isn’t  biodegradable nor does it have many applications past transporting drinks in, majority of them end up in trash heaps the moment they pour their last drop down our mouths.  Recent studies conclude that only 14% of all water bottles used daily ever gets recycled.


According to the company, the environmental footprint of boxed water is considerably less compared to PET bottles.  The equivalent of five truckloads worth of plastic bottles in Boxed Water Is Better’s container, for instance, can ship on just 2 pallets (5% of one truckload).  More importantly, their packaging uses materials that are biodegradable and are considered to be easily recyclable in almost all areas.

The design of the boxed water tetra-pak is minimalist and understated – just plain black text on a white background.  Shape is akin to milk cartons while the containers themselves are FSC-certified.  Boxed Water is Better launched just three weeks ago and is currently available only in Michigan.  The idea’s cool and the intent is noble, but would you really be brave enough carry a carton of water (which can crack and leak) on your bag with all your important stuff?

Boxed Water Is Better via Inhabitat