boxGATE Is A Pop-Up Bar And Grill Made From Shipping Containers

Setting up from behind your Legacy Power Wagon isn’t a bad way to hold a tailgate party.  I have to admit, though, your party’s going to feel pretty lame when someone sets up a boxGATE just across the way.

A pop-up bar and grill, it can be transported as a regular-looking shipping container measuring 8 x 20 feet — similar to what you see being hauled by trucks at the local docks.  Once it gets to the lot where you’re holding the tailgate, the erstwhile container can unfold into a full-featured party facility that’s aptly described as a “VIP tailgating venue.”

The VIP description isn’t too much of an exaggeration, as the boxGATE is stacked, complete with a four-stool bar, a fold-down table, a roof deck, and an outdoor grilling area.  All the necessary amenities are onboard, too, including a sink, a fridge, a keg, a gas grill, a couch, and a pair of HDTVs.  Able to transform from shipping container to party venue in just five minutes, all you have to do is slide-out the awning, press a button to activate the folding motorized deck, open the doors, and you’re set.  We’re guessing you’ll need to spend some time cleaning up before folding everything back together (parties don’t exactly finish with the place all neat and tidy), but we imagine it should be just as fast once all the mess is cleared up.

Applications to rent boxGATE units for events and parties are currently being accepted from the boxLIFE website.

Check It Out  via Yahoo