Reminisce Your Favorite Retro Games Every Time You Groom With The BoxLunch NES Dopp Kit


No, your retro gaming obsession has nothing to do with your daily hygiene. If you spend your free time mashing buttons on the NES Classic, the SNES Classic, and whatever other retro console you own, though, then you might as well go to the bathroom with the BoxLunch Nintendo Entertainment System Dopp Kit.

That’s right, it’s a dopp kit clad in the likeness of Nintendo’s OG home console, allowing your love of retro gaming to define even greater aspects of your life. Don’t worry, it’s not that significant an aspect anyway, since you’ll only be grabbing on to a NES-like bag every time you brush your teeth, wash your face, or trim your beard. Of course, when you also carry a Game Boy lunch box and a bar of Gamer Soap along with it, you might want to start reconsidering.


The BoxLunch Nintendo Entertainment System Dopp Kit is a small bag that’s designed to look like the original NES console when set down with the zippered side up. It comes complete with fake buttons and even fake gamepad slots, although the cartridge slot appears to be missing. While we would have liked to see a cartridge slot, we understand why it was omitted – who wants to remember all those stressful periods of having to blow onto a cartridge to get it to run, after all? Yeah, that totally ruins the fun memories.


It’s made from a fake leather material, so it’s nice-looking without having to trigger your vegan girlfriend, with a handle on the right side, so you can carry it with one hand on the way to the bathroom. Dimensions are 9.5 x 7.5 x 3 inches.

The BoxLunch Nintendo Entertainment System Dopp Kit is available now.

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