Boxx Electric Bike Is A Literal Box With Wheels

I can’t help but imagine that the Boxx Electric Bike is how motorcycles will look if you let children design them. We’re not sure how being a literal box with wheels affects the vehicle’s riding performance (the website boasts “3X lower drag coefficent than average”), but it sure will get you plenty of looks coming down the street.

Classified as a moped, the single-person electric vehicle features a narrow rectangular body that tapers off on the top to make room for the saddle.   It looks more like an amusement park ride for children instead of an actual electric bike, but the narrow profile does ensure it can squeeze into tight spaces, while taking up very little room in your garage.

The Boxx Electric Bike hides all the driving and power mechanism inside its rectangular aluminum frame, with nothing but the handlebars, the foot pegs and the 10-inch wheels sticking out.  Weighing 120 pounds, it can carry riders up to 300 pounds in weight, with a maximum height of 6.5 feet (if you’re taller, you can try, but it will probably be uncomfortable).  Max speed is 35 mph, although it can be further limited electronically to conform with moped rules in your area.  It comes in two configurations: Core (battery has a 40-mile range and 4-hour charging) and Core 2 (battery has an 80-mile range).

Being a literal box, of course, has its advantages. One of them is having a pair of built-in cargo bays, allowing you to stash two bags right on the bike’s body.   Other vehicle details include an LED dot lighting system, front and rear carry handles (so you can pick it up and  bring it to the office if you want), a bin for  holding gloves and small items, and a status indicator for alerting you of battery levels.

Availability for the Boxx Electric Bike is being prepped for sometime this year.  Price starts at $3,995.