These Hand-Lettered Camp Cards Come In A Box That Doubles As A Match-Strike Surface


A deck of cards can prove extremely handy during camping, giving your group a way to keep entertained to make the stay more fun. If you’re going to bring a deck of cards to an outdoor adventure, might as well be something that can come handy for starting fires: the Bradley Mountain Camp Cards do just that.

Created in collaboration with designer Christian Watson, the deck comes in a box sporting a match-striking surface on the side, a backup for those situations the strike surface on your matchbox ends up too worn out to do any good. It doesn’t have any other outdoor talents beyond that, but if you appreciate beautiful design, this deck has that in spades.


The Bradley Mountain Camp Cards get custom hand-drawn and hand-lettered artwork by Watson both front and back, creating a 52-card deck that looks a heck of a lot cooler than the standard deck you can get at most any gift shop. All numbered cards get the same standard illustration (e.g. seven hearts for a seven of hearts card), albeit a hand-drawn version, although the face cards replace the usual royalty with creatures from the animal kingdom, namely a fox (Jack), an eagle (Queen), and a bear (King). Aces get a custom illustration, too, although I have no idea what it’s supposed to depict. Both the cards and boxes are letter-pressed in a matte black color by Clove St. Press.


Available now, the Bradley Mountain Camp Cards are priced at $12.

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