Braille Alphabet Bracelet Is A Stylish Learning Tool For The Blind

Know someone interested in learning Braille?  Give them the Braille Alphabet Bracelet,  a wearable learning accessory that you can wrap around your wrist for easy access.

Designed by Leslie Ligon of At First Sight, the functional jewelry  came about as she sought out ways to help her blind son to better learn reading and writing in Braille.   The result is a steel adornment that will probably help even more people, as only 10% of legally blind individuals are actually literate in Louis Braille’s point system, according to the American Foundation for the Blind.

The Braille Alphabet Bracelet consists of small tiles lined along a stretch material and separated by straight spacers.  One side of each segment has one letter of the alphabet engraved on it, with the equivalent in Braille embossed on the outer side.  That way, the wearer can regularly review their dotted alphabet and, when needed, ask their non-blind friends to check whether they’re identifying the letters correctly.

It’s a very clever design that obviously touched a lot of people, as it has recently been awarded the 2010 People’s Choice Award by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.  Plus, we’re sure it doesn’t hurt that the silver-finished bracelets are actually easy on the eyes.

Each Braille Alphabet Bracelet is available now for $40.

[Braille Bracelet via GadgetLab]