Poseable, Articulated Arms Allow You To Customize The Branch Chandelier To Your Liking


Chandeliers make your home look more sophisticated and elegant. Sometimes, though, they’re just meant to make it look more fun and playful like that Gummi Bear Chandelier. The Branch Chandelier, on the other hand, will make your house look like it came right out of science fiction.

Designed by Margus Triibman for KEHA3, it’s an unusual-looking decorative hanging light that puts LEDs on a series of branches similar to traditional chandeliers. Unlike them, the branches shoot out in a less-symmetrical way, creating the appearance of deer antlers, twigs in a bundle, or skinny robot alien limbs.


The Branch Chandelier consists of a corndog-like object hanging from a pole, with multiple articulated arms holding the LED lighting elements mounted above it. That’s right, those branches are articulated, so you can arrange them in a variety of positions to customize the design to your liking. It uses KEHA3’s Wannabe lighting element, which puts LEDs and optics inside a slim, weatherized tube. Up to 28 of those LED bars can installed in the chandelier (they add more articulated arms to accommodate extra LEDs), with a mechanical dimming system that lets you adjust the light intensity to change the mood in the room.


All the power fittings and head controllers are located in the corndog-like item at the bottom of the fixture, which actually provides a solid anchor to the assembly. Construction is aluminum for everything, with a powder-coated paint finish.

No pricing is listed for the Branch Chandelier, but you can request a quote directly from KEHA3.

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