Party Like It’s 1929 With Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask

Getting drunk never goes out of style, no matter how old you get. “World-renowned, century-old cane masters” know it only all too well and have come up with your soon-to-be favorite gadget: the Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask, a real cane that lets the you hide flasks of alcohol inside.

Your retirement home too strict with the diet? The hospital won’t allow alcohol in the premises? Your kids are keeping a watchful eye on everything you consume? Life’s too short to stay sober, so fool them all with this clever smuggler’s tool, which discreetly sneaks in up to 10oz of your favorite poison at a time.

The Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask is a genuine, functional walking stick. Made of black anodized aluminum, it measures 36 inches long and can support up to 250 pounds of your body weight as you make your way to the liquor store around the corner. Once there, you can unscrew the brass handle, which hides five 2oz flasks that you can fill with your favorite beverage for later consumption.

Each flask is made of hardened glass with airtight caps, ensuring your secret sauce maintains its strength and flavor as you slowly make your way back home. Emphasis on slowly, by the way, since you’re supposed to really need a cane in the first place. So play the part, old man, and spend your twilight years in drunken bliss.

Ain’t the forbidden fruit sweet? Yes it is and with the Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask, you can enjoy it as discreetly as you want too. It’s available for $69.

[Home Wet Bar via Thrillist]