This Brass Knuckle Is Really A Lighter Holder

Sometimes, a product is so awesome it doesn't need a real purpose.  So you just make one up and hope for the best.  I have a feeling such is the case with this Brass Knuckle Leather Lighter Holder.

Created by Blackmeans, the bad boy accessory tells people you're the kind of guy who keeps Saturday nights fun at the bar: you smoke like a chimney and you punch people who tell you to stop smoking.  Since wearing this around your fist doesn't make you feel any bit of self-consciousness, we're going to assume you're either drunk or high, too.  Probably both.

The Brass Knuckle Leather Lighter Holder is a real wearable fitting for your knuckle.  When worn, the slipped-in lighter should be right on your palm, making it easy to fire up that cig you bummed from that tall girl in the bar wearing the hot pants (wait, I think that's a guy).   The actual construction is leather so don't go into a serious fight wearing this, but the finger slots do look like they have actual metal rings in there (still won't help you in a fist fight, though).

While equipped to go over your knuckles, it comes with a clip so you can have it hanging around a belt or a bag loop for easy access without taking up one hand.  The pocket area looks sized for those disposable Bics, so anything similar in dimensions should fit right in as well, such as a pack of gums (which, honestly, brings down the badass factor a lot).

Japanese retailer Beams has the  Brass Knuckle Leather Lighter Holder on retail, priced at ¥6,825 (around $85).

[Beams via Hypebeast]