Brass Wallets Let You Be A Fashionable Gangsta

I have no idea what kind of wallets real gangsters use.  Erstwhile regular dudes who want a little gangsta in their lives, however, could really do well with these Gangsta Brass Wallets.

Made by Guns Germs Steal, the wallets ditch traditional leather or canvas construction in favor of a metal alloy.  We’re not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing, but the result looks swanky.   I mean, if some clowns can deck their headphones in Swarovski, I sure as hell can rock a metal billfold.

Each Brass Wallet comes with two panels, hinged along the sides like a cigarette case, measuring 3 x 4.5 inches.   The gangsta part comes courtesy of a hand stamped quote on the front of each wallet, usually about money, taken straight from the mouth of popular rappers.  Currently available examples include such eloquent gems as “Fuck Money Get Bitches,” “Green For Da Money, Gold For Da Honey” and “Dolla Dolla Bills Y’All.”

Inside, the wallets are lined with a soft material (reclaimed leather and found fabrics) and decorated with studs.  The right side of the interior has a clip for holding bills, while the left side uses two straps to keep cards in place.  No two wallets get the exact same linings, since they get a mix of what’s currently available, with the most common materials being brown leather, pendleton/native American and plaid.

Sure, it’s far from the most efficient looking wallet you can shell out for.  There’s no denying these Brass Wallets look awesome while sticking out of your back pocket, though.  They’re available now, priced at $120.