Breathe New Life On Your Dying Shoes With The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit


Your favorite sneakers nearing their inevitable end?  Hold your favorite kicks’ eventual demise just a short while longer with the JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit, an all-in-one outfit that lets you breathe new life into your old and battered rubber footwear.

Got absolutely nothing going in the fix-it-up department?  Not a problem.  This kit lays out the process simply, putting together everything needed to get you started on the path of putting that 1989 Reebok Pump you picked up for a dollar at the Flea Market back to wearable form (despite the wife’s objections).


The JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit comes with a complete guide to the process, starting with a comprehensive guide that takes you on a tour from start to finish.  Set includes a 12 x 12 inch towel, a stiff poly scrub brush, a melamine foam pad, a scourer sponge, a paint brush, cotton swabs, a can of finish remover and leather paint (one can each of black and white), all of which ship together in a stylish shoebox package.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with anything to help remove foul odors from  inside the shoes, which your stinky, sweaty feet, coupled with excessive sneaker use would have surely facilitated.  Just wash it and leave in the sun for that.  Gross, by the way.

The company claims the kit will make for “unparalleled sneaker renewal” and it looks like a credible statement, especially if the supposedly “before-and-after photo” above is any indication.  Available for only $35, the JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit sounds like a must-have for every sneakerhead in the family.

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