Breed Retreat Is A Modern Coop For City Chickens


A small chicken coop in the backyard should be good enough to net you a regular supply of eggs and the occasional chicken dinner. Problem is, you want to keep the backyard as modern and stylish as the inside of your house and most chicken coops you find look like they’re intended for a farm in the middle of nowhere. Maybe you’ll find the Breed Retreat just a little more suited to what you’re looking for.

Made by Frederick Roije, it’s a beautifully-designed chicken coop that totally deserves its billing as an “architectural hen house.”   Seriously, your hens will look like they’re living in a multi-story mansion with this thing in tow. Just make sure to keep stray cats out because… well… it’s so pretty, they’ll probably want to live in it, too.


The Breed Retreat comes in two sizes: a smaller one measuring 190 x 180 x 140 cm (w x h x d) and a larger one spanning 260 x 180 x 260 cm. Both come with multiple levels (three for the former and five for the latter), with a sloping ramp leading to a door at the lowest level. Each one is made from wood that’s treated with a durable coating, along with multiple access windows from different sides, so you can simply reach in and grab an egg after it hatches. And, yes, you can totally use it for keeping other pets, in case you ever decide to ditch meat products in the future.


Priced at €4,650 for the small and €7,980 for the large, the Breed Retreat probably isn’t the most economical housing option for your chicken coop. If you care about style, though, it’s also going to be tough to find something better.

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