Breville 3X Bluicer Pro Combines Juicer And Blender In One Appliance

What the heck is a bluicer? Yes, that’s what we were thinking, too. Turns out, the darn word is a portmanteau of blender and juicer, which is the perfect name for the Breville 3X Bluicer Pro, a countertop appliance that can extract juice and immediately blend it in a single, seamless sequence.

You know how you’d first use a juicer to extract that sweet nectar from whatever fruits you want to enjoy, then throw that extracted juice into the blender along with other ingredients to turn it into a delicious smoothie? That’s no longer needed, as this thing can extract juice and send it to the blender all on its own.

The Breville 3X Bluicer Pro is a 1350-watt appliance that can be used as a juicer, a blender, or a combination of the two, essentially confining the erstwhile multi-appliance process of making fruit smoothies into one machine. It consists of a base that looks like what you’ll normally find on a high-end blender, with a small LCD panel, multiple capacitive buttons, and a dial for precise settings adjustments, as well as a juicer module and a 50-fluid ounce blender jar.

For juicing, you put the juicer module on top of the base, throw in the fruit whose sweetness you want to extract in the 3.5-inch chute at the top, and choose the juicer setting from the controls at the base. The juicer, by the way, has a tube on the side that allows it to connect directly to the blender jar, so any extracted juices can go straight to the blender, where you can mix it with ice and whatever other ingredients you want to include in your smoothie. Do note, the tube doesn’t appear to be removable, so any extracted juices will need to go to the blender jar, even if you aren’t planning to make smoothies, which is fine, since it’s a better serving vessel for juices anyway.

Once the Breville 3X Bluicer Pro finishes extracting the juice, you can then remove the juicer module and put the blender jar on top of the base. From there, you just choose one of the five preset blender settings (each with its own time and speed combination) you want to run or choose a custom setting (there are 10 speed settings) to get the exact kind of drink you’re looking to enjoy. Whether you’re making smoothies, slushies, or fresh cocktails, this thing should make the process a whole lot more streamlined.

Features include Cold Spin technology that spins the fresh ingredients at a low temperature for the highest possible juice yield, an Italian-made micro-mesh filter to ensure minimal heat transfer, a locking safety arm that keeps the juicer from working if the cover isn’t properly secured, and an optional nozzle that you can attach to the tube to send the extract straight into a cup instead of the jar. The blender, by the way, has an auto-clean mode, so you can wash it right on the device if you don’t want to throw it in the dishwasher. Construction is stainless steel for the base, the blender blades, and the juicer’s cutting disc.

The Breville 3X Bluicer Pro is available now, priced at $399.95.

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