Breville Pie Maker Churns Out Four Hot Pies In 8 Minutes

Do you love pies, but can’t bake if your life depended on it?  Not a problem with the Breville Pie Maker, a handy kitchen appliance that can crank out individual-sized pies with as little work as possible.

Designed for quick operation, the cooking machine can turn up fruit pies, meat pies, quiches, tarts and any other weird mess with a crust you can concoct in as little as eight minutes.  That way, you can keep pumping out the piping hot treats while you sit on your desk, sifting through torrent sites for cracks to your pirated copy of Civilization V.

The Breville Pie Maker measures a convenient 11 x 15 x 5 inches and weighs just over 7lbs.    Compact and easy to set up, you can keep it in the kitchen or bring it to the living room, so you can bake a quick batch without having to leave your spot in the couch.

Four non-stick cooking slots let you cook multiple pies simultaneously, while the locking latch and crimper seal makes sure pie edges are completely shut.  Operation is no more difficult than a waffle maker, with a cool-touch handle for opening and closing the lid, and a ready light to let you know when to dump the crust and filling.  It also comes with a pastry cutter to guarantee that your pies actually look like pies.

Of course, how good your pie tastes  will depend on your crust and filling, but the Breville Pie Maker does simplify the baking process many times over.  You can get one just in time for the holidays, priced at $79.95.