Control Freak Induction Cooktop Lets You Micro-Manage Your Meals Like No Other


Like other induction cooktops, you can set the cooking temperature of the Breville x Polyscience Control Freak to the exact number that you want.  Unlike them, it’s for absolute control freaks, so it takes the temperature settings to ridiculous precision, giving users 397 temperature settings from 86 degrees to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s right, if you’ve ever wanted to heat something at a temperature your induction cooktop doesn’t quite have a setting for, this thing spares you from the agony.  You can now cook those briskets, stews, and soups at the precise temperatures you’ve always suspected will make a difference in the result, giving you unprecedented control in the way you cook every single meal.


Even better, the Breville x Polyscience Control Freak doesn’t just set its heat a certain level and assume it’s running correctly.  Instead, it accurately measures surface temperature using a through-glass sensor (and adjusts heat accordingly), apart from coming with a Probe Control remote thermometer for measuring heat levels inside the pot or pan you’re using. And, yes, you can set the temperature for either the surface or the inside of the cookware, so you can make sure everything is cooked exactly according to plan.  Features include a dual fan cooling system, stainless steel housing, a colored LCD screen, a USB port for putting in software updates, a 72-hour timer, and a Create mode that lets you program custom temperature profiles for one-touch cooking.

Available now, the Breville x Polyscience Control Freak is priced at $1,799.95.

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