Brew Cave Is A Giant Walk-In Beer Cooler

Every man deserves a fridge full of beer.  Rich men, too.  But if you’re truly filthy rich, you deserve better than a fridge stocked with a generous supply of malty brew.  You deserve a Brew Cave.

A roomy box with lots of shelves and integrated cooling hardware, it’s a literal walk-in beer cooler.  Just like those walk-in closets in rich people’s houses.  Or a garage where you park your beer.  Except it’s cold inside them walls so the beer gets chilled the whole time, too.

Designed to accommodate beer drinkers short and tall alike (because you know them NBA players are among the few people with enough disposable cash to actually shell out for this thing), the Walk-In Beer Cooler is a veritable standalone room measuring 7.5 x 6.83 x 4.83 feet (h x w x d).  All sides sport inner and outer metal skins, with 4 inches of insulation at the core (ensuring all that cold stays behind the walls) and 4 inches of thick steel flooring.  The doors come with a locking system, as well, so you can restrict access to your treasure trove of alcoholic beverages.

It comes with nine detachable shelves that you can set up on the back or side walls (three each).  With all shelves set up, it can hold up to 30 cases of beer, along with four large kegs lined up on the floor.  The refrigeration system sits outside the unit, keeping the climate inside steady at 32-degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re shelling out money to outfit a man cave, you might as well spend the $8,000 or so needed to throw a Brew Cave into it.  Check out the official website to learn more.

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