Brew Shucker Can Pry Oysters, Split Crab Shells, And Open Your Beer


Some people like their beer with pizza. Others like it with some buffalo wings. And some prefer sucking on oysters while they down their favorite suds. If you belong in that latter demographic, then this Brew Shucker is a definite must-have for the times you partake in that favorite pairing.

Made by Middleton, it’s a tool that lets you pry apart oyster shells and pluck out the tender meat, all while also doubling as a bottle opener for your bottles of brew. That way, you need to keep just one extra thing on hand while partaking in beer-and-shellfish night, so you can keep the table clear for all the empty shells and bottles you’ll be going through in the following hours.


The Brew Shucker comes with a high-carbon stainless-steel blade that should be strong enough to pry the tightest oyster shells, letting you get through an entire bowl of rough-shelled mollusks without having to sweat it out. It’s versatile enough to work for splitting the shell off lobsters, crabs, and shrimps, too, so it should stay useful even while you change things up by pairing your libations with other seafood treats. The plastic handle is clad in a curved shape to provide better torque and easier grip, whether you’re popping off beer caps, prying off shells, or cracking lobster claws. The whole thing measures 10 inches long.

Beer aficionados who like to supplement their drinking with the traditional aphrodisiac can get the Brew Shucker for $29.95.

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