Brew Your Own… Root Beer?

Wow, those home brewing kits sure look cool.  They’re like a chemistry set for grownups.  If only you weren’t on the wagon, getting one of those would actually be so fun.  In case you just can’t contain the hankering to do a little of that mixing and brewing, the Root Beer Brewing Kit could serve as an alcohol-free alternative.

Designed to produce “naturally brewed, soft and creamy root beer” (in direct contrast to the store-bought super-carbonated variety), it’s a real brewing kit for fashioning your own homemade root beer.  Because, you know, commercial root beers suck.   Plus, you need a hobby that doesn’t involve credit cards, browser pop-ups and that secret folder on your computer with all the dirty pictures, so this sounds like a nice pairing.

The Root Beer Brewing Kit contains (mostly) everything you need to make frothy, delicious, carbonated root beer right from the comfort of your mom’s basement.  Sugar is not included, though, so make sure to ask mom to include it in her shopping list.  Each kit can make up to two gallons of flavorful drinks in just three days — which you can then proceed to wipe out in three minutes (hey, all that chemistry work can get you thirsty).

A box measuring 12 x 7 x 7 inches holds the kit, which contains a pair of flavor crystals, a bottle of root beer mix, a packet of no-rinse cleanser, a packet of yeast, four plastic 1-liter PET bottles with matching gaskets, four labels and one plastic funnel.  According to the product page, the finished product will contain a little alcohol (1% ABV) as a result of the carbonation process.

Thinkgeek has the Root Beer Brewing Kit available now, priced at $26.99.