BrewTender Lets You Sit With 80 Ounces Of Full-Tasting, Ice Cold Beer For Hours On End


Why walk from the couch to the fridge after downing each bottle when you can have a full 80 ounces of cold beer sitting right next you?  That’s enough to last you through an entire game.  Or one half if you’re really thirsty.  Let the BrewTender play your personal bartender, refilling your cup with full-tasting, ice cold beer without having to get off your lazy ass.

Looking like a blender with a beer tap at the bottom, the tabletop marvel will keep your brewskies cool without watering it down.  You don’t have to plug it in either.  Instead, it uses a removable ice chamber that chills your liquored-up beverage without letting it mix with the water.

The BrewTender measures 20-inches tall with a 7-inch diameter, handling a good 80 ounces of any drink of your choosing.  Made from high-strength, transparent ABS plastic, you can always see just how much supply you still have remaining, so you can begin rationing your sips in case you’re closing in on the bottom.  Apart from the clever ice chamber, it features an internal lighting system (so you can see your beer even in the dark) and a bar-style tap handle.

Kegworks is marketing it for parties and pubs, so you can tell your guests to mind their own cups, get their own drinks and stop pestering the bartender.  I suppose that’s useful.  Especially if you’re the bartender.  You can get the BrewTender for $60, which is exactly the price I’m willing to pay for only having to get beer once every night till eternity.

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