Bring Some Industrial Chic To Your Workspace With The Brick Lamp

“You know what would look good on my standing desk?  A large brick.”  If you’ve ever thought that to yourself, then you’re absolutely going to be interested in the Brick Lamp.

Designed by Philippe Malouin as part of Umbra Shift’s collection, it’s, basically, a big slab of brick.  That holds a lamp.  With the resulting combo sized and styled to park somewhere on your desk.  It’s awesome.

The Brick Lamp features a 9-inch tall brick with 72 holes along its body and a 24-inch long rod that comes with a 9-watt, 84-LED array installed along its length.  Meant to function as a reading lamp, you can insert the aluminum “light rod” into one of the topmost holes and position your reading material right under it.  For other functions, you can insert it into any of the other holes, depending on how you need the light to be positioned.  We guess you can also position it with the brick lying down, so the lamp is standing up for whatever purpose that might serve you.  The light can be powered from a USB port.

Weight of the brick isn’t listed, but it looks hefty with its all-cement construction, so it can very well be the best paperweight to keep on your workspace, too.  Plus, you can use it to hit people in the head, in case a virus infection spreads in the office that turns your co-workers into zombies or something.

Slated to ship October 31st, you can order the Brick Lamp from A+R for $220.

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