The Bridge Is A Compact Shredder That Hangs Over Your Wastebasket’s Mouth

Bridge is a compact shredder.  Like those cheap plastic things you can now get at office supply stores and USB gadget resellers.  Except it looks really, really sleek and is designed to sit on top of small wastebaskets commonly used in workplaces.

Created by One Tenth, the idea is that you can take the device and set it on the mouth of your office waste bin when you’re going to start shredding documented proof of your most recent mess-up.  That way, the bits of paper go straight into the basket without having to force you to hold the shredder over the mouth while the other hand feeds it paper.

The Bridge is a compact and lightweight paper shredder, designed for both convenient use and easy storage.  Using a tapered shape, it manages to fit into the most common sizes of office wastebaskets, although it looks convenient enough to use held in hand as well (in case you’d like to rain confetti on a sleeping co-worker).

The mouth is sized to handle smaller-sized paper, like checks and receipts.  You can probably use it for those A4-printed contracts you need to hide, too, but you’ll have to either cut or fold them first (or, better yet, Slice them).  It powers using four regular AA batteries.

No word on whether they’re going to be manufacturing and selling the Bridge, but you can probably do something similar with those cheap shredders from the office supplies stores — just duct tape extra cardboard on the sides if it won’t fit over your trash bin.

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