Bright Blinds Add A Fake Window To Your Dungeon

Living in an underground bunker has its advantages.  When the alien invasion happens, for instance, you’re adequately insulated from the onslaught.  Except you miss windows.  Well, you can fake one with these Bright Blinds.

Designed by Makoto Hirahara, it’s a set of fake window blinds that puts a fake window on any wall.  Well, the illusion of one anyway.  Hang this thing on the wall, turn on the integrated lights and it looks like you have sunlight coming in through partially-opened slats.  Clever and Cool.

The Bright Blinds measure 39.25 inches tall and  23.5 inches wide, adequately mimicking the size of a standard home window.  Construction is wood, plastic and inorganic electroluminescent paper, along with a dimmable lighting unit that cleverly spreads out onto each slat.   The plastic rod controls how strong the lighting is, so you can make it look like any time of the day outside.

Strangely enough, it looks very realistic from the pictures, although you can probably notice the difference with natural sunlight if you try one in person.  Still, this should make for an awesome decorative lighting piece, as well as a way to bring small doses of joy into your life when the aliens manage to catch you and keep you as a prisoner in a windowless slave warehouse.  Or something similarly depressing.

The product page on the Gnr8 website says the Bright Blinds are currently in stock.  Pricing is available only by request, though, which probably means this is going to be ridiculously expensive.  That, or they’ll require you to donate blood for their vampire clan.  Hey, I’ve read it in a book once…