Brik Case Turns Your MacBook’s Lid Into A LEGO Platform


You already have a mug that can be customized with LEGOs and even a power bank that can do the same. If those surfaces feel a bit too small for your extensive brick-building activities when killing time in the office, though, you may want to expand your options with the Brik Case, a MacBook case that you can dress up in construction toys.

Designed to clip on the lid of MacBooks from 2013 onwards (11-, 13-, and 15-inch models), it’s a board filled with a grid of nubs that you can snap construction bricks on, allowing you to decorate your laptop with LEGO patterns, as well as use the lid as a building platform. Whether for recreating the Apple logo as a three-dimensional LEGO sculpture, slapping on a DO NOT DISTURB message, or building a helicarrier on top of your laptop, this thing should do the trick.


Perfect for personalizing a laptop without permanently vandalizing it with stickers, the Brik Case can easily attach and detach on a computer’s lid, allowing you to put it on when you’re feeling playful and take it off when you want to make a more professional impression. Construction is ABS plastic, so it’s not quite as premium as your MacBook’s construction, but you can always class it up with gold bricks if you absolutely need the bling.


The Brik Case is currently raising funds for a production run on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $30.

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