Brilliant Control Manages Your Smart Home Straight From The Light Switch


It’s not the first control hub to attempt to unify your home devices from a single interface. The Brilliant Control, however, just might offer the most complete solution we’ve seen, with its exhaustive compatibility and easy integration into a home’s fixtures.

A switch replacement, it’s designed to swap in place of your existing light switches, allowing you to control not just the lights but your entire smart home. It’s designed to install in under 10 minutes, too, so you can swap one in place of an existing light switch with just a little bit of work. And since it’s wired, there’s no need to charge it like other control hubs, ensuring minimal maintenance needs.


The Brilliant Control replaces the switches with slider controls, allowing you to turn the lights on and off by swiping, as well as slide and hold in place to dim. It comes in both 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-switch models, so you can replace any existing switch with a compatible unit. Along with the switches, the hub comes with motion detectors, video cameras, a microphone, speakers, and a 5-inch touchscreen LCD, giving you plenty of ways to interact with the device.


It comes with native integration for a whole range of smart device brands, including Nest, Sonos, Honeywell, EcoBee, Philips, Ring, and more. The device can also interface with Zigbee and Z-Wave hubs, allowing you to control all compatible products from the same interface.

Slated to launch late in the summer, the Brilliant Control is priced starting at $149.

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