BristleBot With Controllable Directions, Plus Giant Bristlebot

Want the bathroom floor brushed, but too lazy to get down on your knees?  Put the robots to work.  More specifically, get the direction-capable BristleBot on the job.

Slap that little robot on the tiles, arrange the motor, flip the switch and unleash.  Let the BristleBot try its best to render your floor scrubbed, moving in whatever manner you configure it to (how you  arrange the motor determines the robot’s direction).  It can go left, right, straight, in circles or like a disoriented drunk in the middle of the desert with unpredictable paths.

Will it clean the floor?  Definitely not, since it’s just a modified toothbrush (sans the handle), fitted with a motor around the top.  At least, it will do its best, plus you can add soap all over the floor, so it might be a little bit cleaner than before.

Set includes the BristleBot motor and the brushing unit (2-inches long by 0.5-inches tall), along with some decorative wires (so you can make it look more complex than it actually is).  It comes with two batteries, with the other for keeping as a spare.

Personally, I never got the thing about BristleBots.  Who the heck wants little critter robots running around like cockroaches?  While I’m certain whoever first came up with the creation had more than a cockroach in mind, what else can you ever imagine a thing that small will be?  At any rate, the direction-controllable BristleBot is cheaper than an electric toothbrush at only $9.99 and looks way cooler.

Just somewhat related, did you guys see this Giant BristleBot from I3 Detroit?

[ Perpetual Kid ]