Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe Turns The Wood Chopper Into A Fold-Out Multi-Tool


Sure, a Swiss knife is cool.  But after seeing one pocket knife with numerous fold out tools after another, it all begins to look the same.  I’m not sure if Brook & Hunter was thinking along the same lines, but they sure did something different with the Mo-Tool Axe.

That’s right – it’s the classic wood chopper, restyled to hold a multitude of small tools on its body.  Rather than sliding into your jeans for your next outdoor adventure, however, I suggest keeping this one in the backpack.  You never know what that axe blade can end up slicing.  Ouch.

The Mo-Tool Axe features a two-pronged head, with a polished, stainless steel alloy blade on one end and a flat hammer on the other.  It’s attached to a hand-crafted, red oak wood inlay handle, which houses a bunch of small tools (screwdrivers, blades, knives, can opener, file and wrench) in the body.  A second attached handle lets you use the head as both pliers and a wire cutter, rounding out the versatile multi-tool capability.

Why buy a Swiss knife again when you can spend it on an axe that does the same things?  Well, you don’t.  Screw pocket knives, an axe-slash-hammer-slash-pliers with a bunch of fold-out crap waiting to pop off the handle, beats them any day.

Being from Brook & Hunter, the Mo-Tool Axe is likely targeted towards garden use, though I’d gladly take it along for most anything else.  Slicing chicken?  Give me that axe please.  Tenderizing meat?  Get that axe with the hammer head.  Drawing with a pencil?  Forget the sharpener, let’s use the axe.  You can get it from Amazon for less than $39.

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