You Can Customize The Compact Brooklyn Desk With Rail-Mounted Storage Boxes


It’s not the biggest desk in the world. If you’re looking for a study desk for the kids or a small desk for a tiny home office, though, the Brooklyn Desk should make for a stylish pick, with its clever storage system that you can easily customize according to your individual needs.

Made by Ouef, it’s billed as “an urban take on workspace.” We’re not entirely sure what that means either, but we’re guessing it has something to do with the compact size, making it ideal for use in small apartments like you’ll typically find in the most overcrowded cities.


The Brooklyn Desk has enough room to accommodate a laptop and a small secondary monitor, without room for much else on the actual tabletop. Since you’ll need a place to stash pens, USB gadgets, and other office supplies if you’re actually going to do productive work, it uses rails on the edge of the table to serve as functional storage. To do that, it comes with a set of storage boxes that mount securely anywhere on the rails, giving you a way to organize your gear without taking up extra space on the tabletop. Even better, you can add as much boxes as you need, allowing you to customize the desk’s storage capacity.


Designed for use by both kids and adults, the table is height-adjustable, allowing you to lower for use in a child’s bedroom or raise it for use in your home office (no standing workstation height, though). Construction is birch wood.

Available now, the Brooklyn Desk is priced at $575.

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