Use This Six-Sided Basket To Marinate And Grill Delicate Food Items


We’re big fans of grilling baskets, with their ability to let you cook erstwhile delicate food items on any standard grill. The Brookstone Grill Tumbler does the same thing, all while doubling as a marinating tool, so you can keep your food on the same basket from food prep to the actual cooking.

A grill basket clad in a hexagonal tube shape, it should accommodate different types of food, such as fish, sliced meats, and vegetables. With six flat sides, it’s easy enough to keep stable on the grates, all while conveniently rolling to another side for easily turning the food. It has a narrow profile, too, so it should take minimal space when cooking, allowing you to line up multiple baskets even on smaller grilling surfaces.


The Brookstone Grill Tumbler comes with a marinating tray designed to fit the basket, so you can dump in your sauces, flavors, and spices for soaking everything in the fridge overnight. While on the tray, you can spin the basket by turning the handles on either end, tossing the contents to mix up the different flavors. When you’re ready to cook, simply take the basket out of the tray, get your fire going, and place it on the grill, periodically turning the basket to ensure everything cooks evenly. Features include silicone handles, snap-on lid, and a nonstick coating for easy cleanup.


Available now, the Brookstone Grill Tumbler is priced at $49.99.

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