Pour Cocktails Like A Pro With Brookstone Perfect Drink Smart Bartender

You’ve tried following cocktail recipes step by step, but always end up pouring either too much or too little of one ingredient or another.  You’re hopeless and you’ve learned to be at peace with that.  However, you’d still like to have delicious cocktails when drinking at home.  Fortunately, the Perfect Drink can help with that.

A digital kitchen scale, it’s designed to work in conjunction with a mobile app to help you mix any cocktail drink using exactly the right proportions.  Basically, it tells you what ingredient to add, monitors the weight of the cocktail as you pour it, and tells you when you’ve loaded enough.  That way, you’ll always be using the right amounts of orange juice, tequila, soda, or whatever else goes into your favorite drink.

The Perfect Drink  is a smart bartending scale that pairs with iOS and Android devices to give you access to hundreds of pre-made drink recipes.  You can choose from the selection of drinks in the database, as well as add custom recipes, so you can finally make that same crazy potion Uncle Mike served last fourth of July (if you can get him to spill his secret combination, that is).  Having a robot guide, of course, doesn’t guarantee you won’t make mistakes, so the system is designed to be able to compensate by readjusting ingredient ratios when you pour too much of any ingredient.

The scale can take both glasses and pitchers, maybe even your 1-Gallon Flask, so you can make libations for one or for a veritable party of drunks.    It comes with a 750ml stainless steel shaker, two drink-pouring spouts, and a smartphone/tablet stand.





 Slated for availability in October from Brookstone, the Perfect Drink will retail for $69.99.

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