Simple Gadgets – BROpener Bottle Opener Will Grow On You

Carrying a bottle opener ensures you have something to pop your beers open any time you feel the need to imbibe.  Except you never really remember to bring one.  So why not just put a bottle opener wherever you are likely to be pulling out a fresh bottle of carbonated beverage?  That’s what the BROpener is for.

You know how you can open a bottle on the edge of a table by prying the corners of the cap off it?  This works the same way.  Except it’s  a piece of metal whose sole purpose of existence is to pop your caps off like a table edge, rather than an expensive piece of furniture that you’re damaging unnecessarily.

The BROpener is made from aluminum with an adhesive backside that lets it stick to any flat surface — fridge doors, walls, grills, ovens, and a whole host of other things.  You can  put one on the side of your truck during tailgates, one on the edge of the coffee table in the entertainment room, and so on.  It’s magnetized, too, so the caps stick onto the BROpener instead of merely falling to the ground — that way, you can dispose it properly instead of waking up one day and realizing the floor of your living room is covered in mangled caps.

Why not just buy double-sided tape and do the same thing with a piece of random metal?  We’re guessing that could work, too, but your mileage will probably vary.  You can order the BROpener from Kickstarter, starting at $14.  Actual products, when funded, will ship in March.

Watch the video and its guaranteed to grow on you.

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