Brutal Knitting’s Crafty Headwear Makes You Look Like A Monster

Knitted headwear is generally cute, sometimes fashionable.  Other times, it’s even funny (like with the Beardcap).  Brutal Knitting’s collection, on the other hand, brings a little hardcore into the mix, turning out custom-knitted headwear that’s perfectly at home at in a death metal concert.

Run by Tracy Widdess, the outfit specializes in turning out knitted masks that place squarely in the horror and sci-fi genres.  That means scary monsters, gnarly aliens, robots and other weird creatures of various inclinations — a far cry from the erstwhile generic-looking beanies you usually get when you shop for knitted skull covers.

Brutal Knitting creates one-off pieces based either on customer’s specifications or Tracy’s inspirations.   She has pictures of several previous creations on her website, including multiple horned demons, goofy-looking aliens and, of course, several Cthulhu lookalikes.

To order, simply shoot her an email (or message her on Facebook) with your deranged headwear idea.  You can then discuss the details from there, finalizing the specs for the final design.  Once it’s set, you put in a $75 deposit and will be placed in the queue of orders.  Then, you pay the remaining balance (usually another $75, unless you made some special requests) upon receipt.

Aside from custom knitted masks, Brutal Knitting can also do weird-looking plush dolls and similar decorative pieces.  You know, in case you need extra accessories to go with your post-apocalyptic demon headwear.  Prices for those will vary, so shoot her an email to find out more.

[Brutal Knitting via Thrillist]