Bruvi BV-01 Single-Serve Coffee Maker Uses Biodegradable Pods

Single-serve pod-based coffee makers are problematic for good reason – not only is buying pods expensive, they create erstwhile unnecessary plastic waste. That’s why we’ve seen aftermarket solutions that replace them with reusable pods. The Bruvi BV-01 goes a different route to handle the waste stemming from single-use pods.

A new single-serve coffee maker, the appliance works much like any similar coffee machine – you fill the tank with water, you put in a pod, and you press a button to start brewing. Except in this instance, the coffee maker uses a new kind of plastic pod that’s been treated with a bioenzyme, allowing it to break down in landfills much faster than standard plastic, so they don’t have to stick around for thousands and thousands of years. How long does take it to break down? No details on that, but it does show a potential path for disposable plastics going forward.

The Bruvi BV-01 is a single-serve countertop coffee maker that vows to produce “remarkably tastier coffee” than your standard coffee machine. Obviously, a big part of that is the quality of the coffee, which is why they only allow sustainable craft coffee from select roasters. Another big component is the fact that all the brewing is done right inside the pod instead of having it transfer to the machine, eliminating any outside factors that can affect the brew’s resulting flavor.

When you press the button to start brewing, the machine first scans the pod to identify what coffee its working with. From there, it makes adjustments to any of seven brewing parameters to ensure the coffee is cooked the way the roaster intended. It also employs a smart heating system that boasts precision temperature control, energy-efficient heat generation, rapid adjustment for cold brewing, and even automatic repeat brewing. They also include a high-altitude setting that makes adjustments to compensate for your location.

The Bruvi BV-01’s pods feature 20 separate water streams that, the outfit claims, will provide even saturation and more balanced extraction. It’s also bigger than your standard Keurig and Nespresso pods, so it’s able to hold up to 40 percent more coffee per serving, making it a better option for folks who like stronger coffees and larger servings. After a pod is used, by the way, it automatically goes to an integrated waste bin, which can hold up to six used pods before it needs to be cleaned out.

Instead of physical buttons, it comes with a large touchscreen with plenty of options for personalization. That’s right, you’re not restricted to the predefined settings for each pod. From the touchscreen, you can adjust temperature setting, brew strength, acidity level, and even cup size, allowing you to fine tune each brew to your exact liking. According to the outfit, the machine and pod combo can make brewed coffee, high-pressure espresso, Americans, cold brew, iced coffee, infused coffee, and matcha latte, with more options likely to come down the line. There’s also a companion app that you can use to trigger brewing remotely, schedule brews in advance, order pods, and see a record of your personal consumption.

The Bruvi BV-01 is available now, priced at $298 with a 20-pod variety pack included.

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