You Can’t Help But Want To Burst These Bubble Wrap Glasses

When you see bubble wrap, you want to burst it – somehow, that reaction has long been wired into our DNA.  That’s why when you serve your guests drinks using these Bubble Wrap Glasses, we have a feeling they’re going to chip a nail trying to burst the glass bubbles lining its entire body.

Designed by Chris Taylor, it looks like a glass that’s covered in bubble wrap.  Except, it isn’t.  It’s actually just glass, so no matter how much you pick at it, there’s no way the darn thing is ever gonna burst.  Unless, of course, you press too hard that you actually manage to break the glass, at which point, someone better get the first aid kit because we have a feeling that won’t end very well.

Each Bubble Wrap Glass measures 3.75 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter, with the capacity to hold up to 8 oz. of your favorite beverages.  The bubbles aren’t just on the body, either, they litter the glasses at base, too, so every nook and cranny of its exterior is literally filled with the darn things.  Construction is glass that’s meticulously hand-blown to recreate the familiar appearance of plastic bubbles, taking control of your mind and compelling you to pinch them with all your might.

If you’re going to use these, we highly recommend wearing your Bubble Wrap Necktie.  That way, any time you feel compelled to burst something, just reach for it instead of ending up with multiple broken nails on both hands.

Available now, the Bubble Wrap Glass is priced at $90 for a set of two.

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