Bucket Boss 56 Turns Your Pail Into A Toolbox

A simple bucket can make for a perfectly functional toolbox.  Until, of course, you accumulate so much tools that they no longer fit.  When that happens, it’s probably time to pull out the laptop toolbox bag.  If you insist on keeping the plastic pail (since you like seeing your tools in the open), though, you can do so by dressing it in the Bucket Boss 56.

Essentially a fanny pack for buckets, the sleeve is designed to wear over and around the plastic container, turning it into a multi-pocketed portable tool storage.  How multi-pocketed?  That’s the “56” part of the name, since it puts a total of 56 separate pockets on you humble cylindrical vessel.

The Bucket Boss 56 can fit into standard 4.5- and 5-gallon buckets, outfitting them with 38 new pockets on the outside and 18 inside.  That includes one padded pocket with a snap closure for a cordless power drill (or something similarly sensitive), a security pocket with a Velcro flap, and multiple differently-sized compartments for a variety of tools and building equipment.

It’s made from Boss Tex ripstop polyester, a durable fabric that can handle your heavy assembly of tools without tearing, backed by water-resistant lining to keep moisture away.  If you have long tools that make it difficult to hold the stash by the pail’s handle, the sleeve comes with a long elastic strap, so you can haul it by the shoulder as you make your way around the house.

While designed for handymen, we’re guessing an assembly like this can do wonders for decorators, gardeners and even craft enthusiasts, too.  Also, ninja assassins who like to carry their weapons in a pail.   It’s available from Amazon, priced at less than $20.

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